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Channel Islands Charter

Day trips from Ventura to Channel Islands. Short ride, meals and tanks included.

$150 for 2 Tank Day Trips

$160 for 3 Tank Day Trips

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Availability: Contact us for booking information

We offer single-day dive trips to the Anacapa and Santa Cruz Island (both belong to the Channel Islands National Park just off the coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara.) All trips begin boarding passengers at 7 AM and depart at 8 AM. Once the boat clears the harbor entrance, it takes about an hour to reach our first dive site at the islands. The selection of the dive sites is determined by the captain; he takes many variables into consideration when selecting the best sites for that particular day: the direction and size of the swell, the tides, the presence or absence of currents, the likelihood of seeing desirable marine life (sea lions, for example) and of course the clarity of the water (visibility.) We commonly anchor in relatively shallow water (30 to 45 feet) in order to give our divers a choice between longer, shallower dives or swimming to deeper depths if they so desire. We are fortunate to have a tremendous variety of marine life for the divers to enjoy, and every site is unique. The bottom topography is typically a mixture of rocky reefs with interesting overhangs, swim-throughs and kelp interspersed with sandy patches. We commonly see seals, sea lions, lobsters, crabs, nudibranchs, leopard sharks, horn sharks and myriad fish species to numerous to list. Water temperatures vary throughout the year with the warmest water generally occurring in late summer and early fall. The water can be as cold as the high 50s or as warm as the low 70s. Visibility is a huge variable, ranging anywhere from 10’ to well over 60’ depending on the day.
A typical day’s trip begins with the boarding process: arrive early and be prepared to show the divemaster your certification card when you sign in. Board the vessel and select a dive station. Use the provided wetsuit hanger to hang your suit in the designated area, then put your dive system together and check to make sure everything is functioning properly before we leave the dock… we can fix most problems while on the dock but it is challenging to fix or exchange faulty equipment once we leave. There will be a short safety briefing at the dock followed by a verbal roll-call.

**If you are diving on consecutive days you can leave your gear on board the boat as it will be secured overnight.**

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