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  • Wreck Week - Key Largo, Florida

Wreck Week - Key Largo, Florida

Come join us for a week of wreck only diving in beautiful Key Largo, Florida! We will dive the Spiegel Grove!!!!

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5 days of 2 tank boat diving (see tenative dive schedule below)

6 Nights at Holiday Inn Key Largo (single and double occupancy options available)



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*** Dive Insurance is MANDATORY ***

*** Trip Insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (we have group rates available) ***

All bookings are final - no refunds



Day 1: Warm up dive to the wreck of the Benwood. It's a freighter that sank during WWII. Easy and shallow with no penetration possible, just a hull on the bottom still shaped like a ship with the sides blown out. Was used by the USCG and Army Air Corp for bombing practice since it was a hazard to navigation. Recently one of the hurricanes moved some sand away and uncovered an old English anchor from the 1700s. Great photo ops. This wreck usually has more schools of fish than the reefs. Depth is easy 35-55' deep.  Double dip it, great photo op. or we can move to the City of Washington which is an old wreck just a few miles away also 35-45' deep. 

Day 2: Dive the sister USCG cutters the Duane and the Bibb. Duane is upright in the sand. Bibb is on its side. 100' to the main deck on the Duane, 100' to the side of the wreck on the Bibb. Or double dip the Duane which is very common request here. 

Day 3: Dive the USS Spiegel Grove. 560' long US Navy ship that sits upright. 100' to main deck. 130' to sand. 70' to top of bridge. We always double dip it. You can dive this wreck several times without seeing the whole ship. 

Day 4: Second day of diving the USS Spiegel Grove. Too much to see in just one dive trip. One of our divemasters can guide you to an easy extended swim through (minor penetration) to see the painted Snoopy ships logo on the deck of one of the ready-rooms. 

Day 5: Repeat one of the favorite wrecks or we can dive one of the more broken up wrecks that are more like reefs than wrecks. The "winch hole" is nice. A huge commercial sailing vessel ran aground and decided to use their new hydraulic winch to pull themselves off the reef. They managed pulling the winch off the deck and the lightened boat floated clear of the reef. The winch sits in about 35' and is about 8' long and is covered in coral. it makes a great photo op.

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