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Affordable Camera Set Up!

Michael Fitzgerald   Oct 29, 2019

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If you have a smartphone there is no need to go out and spend big money on a dive camera. Your smartphone camera is already one of the better cameras available. What you need is the Kraken Smart Housing. We are the local Kraken dealer so take a look at some information about the Kraken housing.

Universal Smart Phone Housing

*iPhone 11 all versions will fit*

Yes, that's right! Universal! This housing has an adjustable shim system in it allowing you to fit many of the popular phones on the market into it. We also have another great feature built in, a vacuum port system! No longer worry about if your seal is safe. Simply give a couple pulls on the vacuum pump (included) and the housing will let you know that it has a vacuum and is safe to dive. We have a wide-angle, and macro lens available too. The picture on the right is shown with the optional macro filter. Free app for both Android and IOS available to download. Housing is made from anodized aluminum.

There are two versions of the housing, one includes a temperature and depth sensor, the other does not.

Maximum phone dimensions are 158mm in height, 83mm in width, and 9mm in thickness. The phone should have a flat back, curved back phones will not sit in the housing properly. If your phone is the above dimensions or less you should have no problem using the housing.

Some people have difficulty understanding this. To find your phones dimensions try looking at, if the dimensions are less than the ones provided above your phone should work fine in our housing.


Maximum Depth Rating - 80m\262'