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  • Tank Hydros: $40 (includes visual inspection and air fill)
  • Tank Visual Inspection: $15 (includes air fill)
  • Air Fills: $10 (pay for 9 get 10th free)

Equipment Repair

Typical annual service of scuba equipment includes: Pre-check magnehelic and intermediate pressure, check hoses, complete breakdown, ultrasonic cleaning, component inspection, submersible pressure gauge check, computer battery change (if applicable), and reassembly using Christo-Lube and genuine manufacturer repair kits. A comprehensive testing process using state-of-the-art  Scuba Instruments systems is conducted including flow-rates, magnehelic, intermediate pressure, and quick-set. All work is warranted for 30 days.

This is an example of the Repair Report that you will receive when we service your system.


(parts not included unless covered by warranty)

  • 1st Stage Only $50.00
  • 2nd Stage Only $50.00
  • Octopus Only $50.00
  • 1st & 2nd Stage $90.00
  • 1st, 2nd, & Octopus $125.00
  • Alternate Inflator Regulator $50.00
  • O2 Cleaning 1st Stage $30.00
  • Spare Air $60.00


(parts not included)

  • BCD Inflator $35.00
  • SPG Service Only $25.00
  • Computer Battery Change - Call for Quote
  • Quick-Disconnect Service $20.00


(parts not included)

  • DIN Valve $35.00
  • K Valve $35.00
  • J Valve $40.00
  • Twin Manifold $50.00
  • Valve O2 Cleaning $35.00

If we are servicing your regulator/computer/BCD we will provide you with a loaner set of regulators/BCD at no charge if needed.