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  • Underwater Imaging

Underwater Imaging

Learn how to take great underwater photographs and video utilizing proper lighting and shutter speeds.

$225 is the cost if you have your own photography equipment. We do offer camera packages. If you purchase a camera package then the course is provided free of charge

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Underwater Imaging

Our underwater environment presents divers with scenes of breathtaking beauty with wild and incredible creatures that amaze and fascinate. How can you possibly remember each one unless you bring them back through photography or videography? NAUI has trained some of the best underwater photographer and videographers in the world! Enroll in a NAUI Underwater Photographer or NAUI Underwater Videographer course today and begin taking home more than just sea stories to share with your friends and family!

NAUI Underwater Photographer

In the NAUI Underwater Photographer course you will be taught the skills, techniques, and tricks of underwater photography including lighting, use of photographic equipment, the fundamentals of photography, underwater camera techniques, and underwater photo problems.

NAUI Underwater Videographer

In the NAUI Underwater Videographer course you will master the skills and knowledge needed to safely enjoy making underwater videos. Your instructor will help you master the camera techniques and underwater camera controls to produce videos to share with family and friends.

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Minimum age for these courses is 15 years plus certification as a NAUI Scuba Diver or equivalent. (Junior certification is allowed for ages 10-14.) 

Price Includes:

Instructor fee

Classroom sessions

Pool sessions

Air fills 

NAUI elearning material

Certification card

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