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Local Dive Info

Michael Fitzgerald   Oct 24, 2019

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Hey everyone, here is the first of our blogs that we will share with you. Like our YouTube channel, this blog will cover various topics. I will post informastion on this blog daily for you. Today's topic is local diving (Central California). As a diver we do not always have to be in the ocean. We have the ability to dive in our local water sources. Now the local water sources may not provide the same experience as that of the ocean and sea life, but you can do things to spice it up. For example, we are conducting an underwater lake clean up this Saturday 10/26/2019 at Millerton Lake. As of yesterday, 10/23/2019, the lake temperature is in the 60s and the visibility is approximately 8 - 10 feet. As of Sunday, the conditions in Monterey were almost non diveable compared to the lake. 

So, don't sit around wishing you could go diving, find a place and just go. Millerton Lake is $10 for entry. Other lakes like Shaver. Bass, Huntington, etc are all free to go to.